Rewards 2005

Below are a list of the prizes you could win through the Diamondbackers Frequent Fang Program for the 2005 season.



Prize Description

20 Strikezone Kid’s Club Four Peter Piper Playhouse Tokens (Quantity 6,500)
30 Team Shop coupon for $5.00 off any purchase of $10 or more at the Team Shop.
40 Diamondbackers Loyalty Wristbands (Quantity 20,000).
50 Strikezone Kid’s Club DiamondBackers Terrycloth Wrist Bands (Quantity 2,500)
60 2005 Diamondbackers Collector Pin (Quantity 15,000).
90 Carabiner Flashlight courtesy of Gila River Casinos/Gila River Indian Community (Quantity 9,500/2,500).
110 Strikezone Kid’s Club Diamondbacks Gonzo Muppet Dolls (Quantity 1,500)
120 Diamondbacks CD Case (Quantity 8,000).
140 Strikezone Kid’s Club Luis Gonzalez StrikeZone Kid’s Club Banner (Quantity 1,500)
160 Diamondbacks Water Bottle (Quantity 6,000).
200 Diamondbacks Flag (Quantity 4,500).
250 Bank One Ballpark Tour.
300 DiamondBackers/KTAR Carabiner Radio (Quantity 2,500).
400 "Night at the Movies" courtsey of AMC Theatres (Quantity 1,300)
450 Two Free Diamondbacks Tickets.
500 Diamondbackers T-Shirt (Quantity 1,000).
550 Arizona Baseball Club Admission Pass & Coupon.
600 Shawn Green & Troy Glaus Mini Bobble Head Set (Quantity 1,000).
700 Diamondbacks Binoculars (Quantity 500) and special pre-game field presentation on September 3rd. Must reach 700 points by September 10th to be eligible for the field presentation.
Grand Slam #1
$100 Team Shop Gift Certificate.
Must reach 80 points by April 23rd.
Grand Slam #2
First Pitch on May 9th + 4 Game Tickets.
Must reach 150 points by May 4th.
Grand Slam #3
7th Inning Stretch with Bobby Freeman.
Must reach 250 points by June 9th.
Grand Slam #4
Exclusive Behind the Scenes BOB Tour.
Must reach 350 points by June 28th.
Grand Slam #5
Luxury Suite.
Must reach 550 points by June 24th.
Grand Slam #6
First Pitch on September 15th + 4 Game Tickets.
Must reach 650 points by August 27th.
Grand Slam #7
Autograph Prize Pack.
Must reach 800 points by September 23rd.
Kid’s Club Grand Slam
Diamondbacks Training Centers Scholarship.
Must reach 800 points by September 23rd.