With his arrival last season, Matt Mantei solidified the Diamondbacks bullpen.

His cool demeanor and 99 mile per hour fastball made him an instant favorite of teammates and fans alike.

Known as the Ice Man, Matt Mantei may make for a short growing season on his Chia head. But given his popularity and flair for the dramatic, he will make the perfect Chia pet.

When you cut and style his "do", he will be the coolest Chia in the garden.

One important growth tip for Chia Mantei, if he does not get regular sunlight, his growth will become erratic and he may walk a few seeds before buckling down.




Reverse Mohawk

King Tut

Gene Simmons



If you have ideas for Diamondbacks Chia Heads you would like to see, please contact me and I will be sure to include your suggestions.