One of the original Diamondbacks, Kelly Stinnett was drafted as part of the 1997 Expansion Draft.

He soon became the starting catcher after an injury to Jorge Fabregas and never relinquished the role.

He is tough behind the plate and can take the punishment that comes with the job.

Being naturally bald, it may take a while to grow a full Chia head of greenery, but when he does, you can cut and style his "do" so that Chia Stinnett sports the latest look.

With care and nurturing along with a few signals Chia Stinnett will call a good Chia game.




Flat Top

Male Pattern Baldness

Latrell Sprewell



If you have ideas for Diamondbacks Chia Heads you would like to see, please contact me and I will be sure to include your suggestions.