The speed that Tony Womack brings to the Diamondbacks makes him a force that other teams must reckon with.

His speed disrupts the opponents flow of the game as the other team must try and stop him from stealing bases at will.

With all the accolades he has received during his short career, wouldn't he make a great Chia Head?

Soak him, seed him and water him, and before no time you have at Chia Tony.

Once Tony has a full Chia head of greenery, you can cut and style his "do" so that Chia Tony sports the latest look.

With the amount of speed that Tony possesses, he will be growing in nothing flat.




Pencil Top

Fountain Head

Don King



If you have ideas for Diamondbacks Chia Heads you would like to see, please contact me and I will be sure to include your suggestions.