About This Site

When people come across the site; many of them assume it is managed and maintained by the Arizona Diamondbacks or Major League Baseball Media. That is not the case. It was created out of equal parts of passion and desperation by one fan who at the time had a difficult time finding information about the Arizona Diamondbacks. The team was relatively new and did not yet have a loyal following. Likewise the Internet was just taking off and there were very few sites that provided information about baseball especially the newest franchise.

As information came out there was no centralized place to find all the data about the team. NowHitting was an attempt to become an information clearing house for Arizona Diamondbacks news. It was not designed to be the team web site nor was it envisioned to report only on press releases by the team or Major League Baseball. Instead it was built by one fan and offered for others to understand what it took to bring baseball to the Arizona desert and how a franchise was born.

Site Construction

Probably the second most popular question I am asked is what tools I uses to create the web site. (The first most popular question is "Why don't you get a life you baseball-loving geek?") So let me explain what tools that I used to create Now Hitting.

Site Framework

Now Hitting has as its framework a Content Management System (CMS). This CMS provides dynamic page creation with content stored in a database and served as needed. The CMS software is Joomla! which is open sourced and is one of the better content systems I have seen.


Although I have access to several web creation tools such as Muse, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Microsoft Visual Studio; I write all the code by hand using Coda editor. This has more to do with my frustration with the code produced by the so-called tools and my perfectionist nature than with the lack of specific features. Besides, it allows me to remember my roots in software development and acts as a conduit between my past and my future. Of all the editors I have used, Coda has that mixture of editing features and preview modes that allows me to worry about the content rather than the tool.


As you can see, I am an image junkie. I am a firm believer that graphics rule and chicks dig the long ball. I have collected graphics like most designated hitters mitts collect dust. Nearly all of the graphics used on this site have been substantially tweaked and modified. I use Adobe PhotoShop for much of the image work done. I also use Genuine Fractals and Noise Ninja.   I find these products complement each other well making my work much easier. For those cases where I need additional features or special effects, I use Deneba Canvas and Corel Painter. These are both excellent tools that I would recommend. I seem to collect software and tools like baseball cards and I always seem to be playing with something new.


Some of the areas for this site are pretty mainstream and easy to understand why they are there. Others, you just have to wonder what I was thinking. In my life, I have been branded a non-conformist, an intellectual and a philosopher. In that sense, I am your worst nightmare, a geek with a sense of humor. I am continually looking to expand the realm of the bizarre. If it is on the edge, I am interested.