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While the team may be only a few years old, the franchise is already building a place in history.  From the first moment Arizona began planning for a potential expansion team through the inaugural season to World Series champion there is a lot of events that have occurred.  In this secion you will find a chronology of events, franchise firsts, commemorative baseballs, jersey numbers, and uniforms.


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There is nothing quite like being at the ballpark.  The smells of fresh cut grass and grilling hot dogs.  The sounds of the crack of the bat or a perfect fastball hitting the catcher's mitt.  These are the things that make baseball special.  In the history of the Arizona Diamondbacks there have been countless memories made at each game.  Here you will find schedules, game results, box scores and more to relive each game.


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On November 16, 1995 ground was broken in Phoenix on what would become Bank One Ballpark.  The stadium would be renamed Chase Field in 2005 and remains the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The team began Spring Training in 1998 at Tucson Electric Park but moved to Salt River Fields in Scottsdale in 2011.  This section includes information on each of the stadiums the Diamondbacks have called home.


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The Arizona Diamondbacks first player was drafted in 1996 two full years before the team would play their first game.  From that moment on a countless number of players have arrived in Phoenix and worn the uniform of the local team.  In this section you will find rosters from years past, a current roster, transactions of player movements, players who have been All-Stars for the Diamondbacks, and other interesting facts.


A ballplayer spends a good piece of his life gripping a baseball, and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.

About This Site

When people come across the site; many of them assume it is managed and maintained by the Arizona Diamondbacks or Major League Baseball Media. That is not the case. It was created out of equal parts of passion and desperation by one fan who at the time had a difficult time finding information about the Arizona Diamondbacks. The team was relatively new and did not yet have a loyal following. Likewise the Internet was just taking off and there were very few sites that provided information about baseball especially the newest franchise.

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Baseball is Life

The players are transported to destiny.
Physical, mental, and spiritual forces converge.
The game evolves.
Your perception of reality blurs.

The game explores the interaction of
perceived and potential reality.
By evaluating the levels of self-realization,
their differences will begin to disappear.

To fully realize and experience the game
requires focusing your consciousness.
Recognize boundaries as stumbling blocks
to vision and imagination.
Broaden your mind, broaden your universe.

The game is comprised of mental images,
endorphin-induced visions and
cosmic epistemology.

The game is governed by chaos,
order, data reclusion, and data exchange.

Until the last out is registered
And the cheers subside,
enjoy the game.

My First Pitch


The last remnants of autumn sunlight filtered down upon the playing field at Bank One Ballpark. It was a beautiful September evening for the last regular season game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Diego Padres. The ballpark roof had just opened; the cheers of the crowd were beginning to subside. Forty-eight thousand fans were now settling into their seats waiting for what promised to be a memorable end to the Diamondbacks inaugural season. The pre-game festivities were in mid-stride. Along the base paths and in the outfield, the starting players were going through their final warm-ups before the game started. As game time approached, I quietly stood near the on-deck circle with my family. The children gazed about taking in all of the sights and sounds of this historic game. None of us could have imagined we would be standing here on the field as the grounds crew put the finishing touches on the baselines and batters boxes. Nor could I have anticipated the events that were about to occur.

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Chase Field Camera Policy

Chase Field Security is enforcing a policy that limits the size and types of cameras that are allowed into the ballpark.  The policy allows still cameras with fixed lenses and those with interchangeable lenses to enter the stadium.

Requesting Player Visits

Requests for player appearances are handled through the Community Relations department of the Arizona Diamondbacks.  For information on the necessary process please see the Arizona Diamondbacks web site for more details.

Contacting the Players

Fans wanting to contact a player seeking an autograph should mail their item to the Arizona Diamondbacks in care of the player's name.