The historyArizona Diamondbacks were awarded a franchise on March 9, 1995 in Palm Beach Florida. They along with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays would begin play in 1998

At that point in time there was no stadium, no players, no uniforms and for that matter no fans.

Over the course of the next three years Managing General Partner Jerry Colangelo would build a baseball franchise literally from the ground up.

Colangelo would create a team that would shortly turn Major League Baseball topsy-turvy as they went from an expansion team to a World Championship.

There is a lot that would go into the building of a Major League Baseball team in a town known for their love of basketball.

Along the way there were a multitude of decisions and actions that would form the basis of one of the more colorful journeys in baseball.

This section is dedicated to providing an account and information of how this team was created and the history it made along the way.

If you are curious about how the Arizona Diamondbacks have evolved we invite you to peruse this section to learn the story behind the team.


Uniform Numbers
Uniform Numbers
Pool Shots
Pool Shots
Jersey Records
Jersey Records
Franchise Firsts
Franchise Firsts
Expansion Draft
Expansion Draft



Minor League Affiliates

The Arizona Diamondbacks currently have eight minor league affiliates spread across the country and one team in the Dominican Republic. These affiliates provide a first class learning environment for the Diamondbacks young prospects. Below you will find a list of each current affiliate as well as a listing of those teams who have been associated with the Diamondbacks since the team’s inception.


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Pool Shots

Whenpoolshot the Arizona Diamondbacks announced that there would be a swimming pool build beyond the right/centerfield wall where fans could watch the game while relaxing in the cool water; everyone knew it would become a target for home run hitters to try and land a ball in the crystal clear water.

It is always fun to watch the opposing players when they first arrive at the stadium.

They immediately go over to look at the pool and then look at the plate to decide if it is an achievable goal.

Many have tried but only a few have accomplished the feat.

In order to be counted as a pool shot, the ball must hit the water.

If the ball goes into the pool area but hits the decking or is caught before hitting the water it will not make the list.

Below are those that have achieved “splash down” into the pool.


No. Player Team Opponent Pitcher Date
1. Mark Grace Chicago Cubs Arizona Diamondbacks Andy Benes May 12, 1998
2. Devon White Arizona Diamondbacks Pittsburgh Pirates Jason Schmidt May 16, 1998
3. Devon White Arizona Diamondbacks Pittsburgh Pirates Jon Leiber May 18, 1998
4. Jay Bell Arizona Diamondbacks Anaheim Angels Ken Hill Jun 10, 1998
5. Travis Lee Arizona Diamondbacks Anaheim Angels Pep Harris Jun 10, 1998
6. Alex Rodriguez Seattle Mariners Arizona Diamondbacks Bobby Chouinard Jun 27, 1998
7. Dante Bichette Colorado Rockies Arizona Diamondbacks Brian Anderson Jul 18, 1998
8. Mark Grace Chicago Cubs Arizona Diamondbacks Amaury Telemaco Jul 29, 1998
9. Hanley Frias Arizona Diamondbacks Philadelphia Phillies Mike Grace Aug 12, 1998
10. Jeromy Burnitz Milwaukee Brewers Arizona Diamondbacks Amaury Telemaco Aug 29, 1998
11. Sean Casey Cincinnati Reds Arizona Diamondbacks Andy Benes Jun 23, 1999
12. Marvin Benard San Francisco Giants Arizona Diamondbacks Armando Reynoso Aug 2, 1999
13. Steve Finley Arizona Diamondbacks San Francisco Giants Mark Gardner Aug 4, 1999
14. Erubiel Durazo Arizona Diamondbacks Pittsburgh Pirates Jimmy Anderson Sep 13, 1999
15. Tony Gwynn San Diego Padres Arizona Diamondbacks Dan Plesac Oct 1, 1999
16. Luis Gonzalez Arizona Diamondbacks San Francisco Giants Joe Nathan Apr 23, 2000
17. Wally Joyner Atlanta Braves Arizona Diamondbacks Johnny Ruffin Aug 3, 2000
18. Reggie Sanders Atlanta Braves Arizona Diamondbacks Todd Stottlemyre Sep 16, 2000
19. Charles Johnson Florida Marlins Arizona Diamondbacks Curt Schilling Apr 25, 2001
20. Steve Finley Arizona Diamondbacks Atlanta Braves Mike Remlinger Apr 26, 2001
21. Rich Aurilia San Francisco Giants Arizona Diamondbacks Greg Swindell Jul 28, 2001
22. Damian Miller Arizona Diamondbacks Pittsburgh Pirates Todd Richie Aug 14, 2001
23. Greg Colbrunn Arizona Diamondbacks Philadelphia Phillies Carlos Silva May 19, 2002
24. Rich Aurilia San Francisco Giants Arizona Diamondbacks Curt Schilling Jul 5, 2002
25. Mark Grace Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies John Thompson Jul 23, 2002
26. Brian Jordan Los Angeles Dodgers Arizona Diamondbacks Rick Helling Sep 2, 2002
27. Brian Daubach Chicago White Sox Arizona Diamondbacks Elmer Dessens Jun 5, 2003
28. Jose Cruz Jr. San Francisco Giants Arizona Diamondbacks Brandon Webb Jul 13, 2003
29. Brian Schneider Montreal Expos Arizona Diamondbacks Steve Sparks May 16, 2004
30. Luis A. Gonzalez Colorado Rockies Arizona Diamondbacks Michael Gosling Sep 14, 2004
31. Luis Terrero Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies Shawn Estes Sep 15, 2004
32. Tony Clark Arizona Diamondbacks Kansas City Royals Ryan Jensen Jun 12, 2005
33. Johnny Estrada Arizona Diamondbacks Houston Astros Chad Qualls Aug 4, 2006
34. Stephen Drew Arizona Diamondbacks San Diego Padres Cla Meredith Sep 30, 2006
35. Julio Franco New York Mets Arizona Diamondbacks Randy Johnson May 4, 2007
36. Scott Hairston San Diego Padres Arizona Diamondbacks Doug Davis Jul 5, 2008
37. Tony Clark Arizona Diamondbacks Chicago Cubs Ted Lilly Jul 23, 2008
38. Stephen Drew Arizona Diamondbacks Florida Marlins Rickey Nolasco Aug 24, 2008
39. Andre Ethier Los Angeles Dodgers Arizona Diamondbacks Brandon Webb Aug 31, 2008
40. Ryan Roberts Arizona Diamondbacks Pittsburgh Pirates Zach Duke Jul 24, 2009
41. Miguel Montero Arizona Diamondbacks Los Angeles Dodgers Jonathan Broxton Aug 15, 2009
42. Alex Romero Arizona Diamondbacks Houston Astros Wilton Lopez Aug 28, 2009
43. Mark Reynolds Arizona Diamondbacks San Francisco Madison Bumgarner Jul 24, 2010
44. Gerardo Parra Arizona Diamondbacks Pittsburgh Chris Resop Apr 16, 2012
45. Jason Kubel Arizona Diamondbacks Chicago Cubs Matt Garza Jun 24, 2012
46. Adam Eaton Arizona Diamondbacks Baltimore Orioles Darren O'Day Aug 12, 2013
47. Paul Goldschmidt Arizona Diamondbacks Houston Astros Brad Peacock Jun 10, 2014
48. Roger Kieschnick Arizona Diamondbacks Milwaukee Braves Francisco Rodriguez Jun 17, 2014
49. Didi Gregorius Arizona Diamondbacks Detroit Tigers Anibel Sanchez Jul 23, 2014
50. Charlie Blackmon Colorado Rockies Arizona Diamondbacks Matt Stites Aug 30, 2014
51. A.J. Pollock Arizona Diamondbacks Atlanta Braves Brandon Cunniff Jun 2, 2015
52. Stephen Vogt Oakland Athletics Arizona Diamondbacks Jhoulys Chacîn Aug 29, 2015
53. Paul Goldschmidt Arizona Diamondbacks Houston Astros Collin McHugh May 30, 2016
54. Josh Donaldson Toronto Blue Jays Arizona Diamondbacks Patrick Corbin Jul 20, 2016
55. Brandon Drury Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies Eddie Butler Sep 13, 2016
56. Jake Lamb Arizona Diamondbacks San Francisco Giants Johnny Cueto Apr 4, 2017
57. Daniel Descalso Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies Jordan Lyles Apr 30, 2017
58. Yasmany Tomas Arizona Diamondbacks New York Mets Tommy Milone May 16, 2017
59. Tommy Joseph Philadelphia Phillies Arizona Diamondbacks TJ McFarland Jun 23, 2017
60. Chris Herrmann Arizona Diamondbacks Philadelphia Phillies Nick Pivetta Jun 26, 2017


Sedona Red represents pool shot by a player on the Diamondbacks roster.
Gray represents pool shot by a player on the opposing team's roster.



Jersey Records

We’re a long way from the Jersey turnpike but still fans want to know how are the Diamondbacks doing since they changed their colors? So for all those with enquiring minds, rest assured that we’re tracking that data and you’ll find the most current information here.

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Franchise Firsts

Since 1998 there have been a lot of baseball games featuring the Arizona Diamondbacks which has given the team ample time to achieve greatness and infamy. Below you find a list of franchise firsts along with the player(s) credited with the accomplishment.

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