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The sun slowly fades below the horizon. The last moments of daylight play against the objects in the Arizona desert. The shadows of the saguaro cacti are elongated to make them look like 30-foot soldiers. But wait, upon closer inspection, those two objects are not cacti but rather two people standing out in the middle of the desert with their arms up and no one else in sight. Curious, you decide to investigate this phenomenon closer. As you approach, you notice the figures, a man and a woman, appear to be doing the wave. First the arms are up and then they are down in sequence. Finally, you cannot stand the suspense of not knowing what is going on and decide to ask why they are doing the wave in the middle of the desert.

Well, what better way to celebrate an exciting upcoming event than with the wave? What event you ask? Well it is only going to be the most fun since baseball cards in bicycle spokes. We are talking of course about the big Arizona Jeff/Mean Laureen Pin Meet to be held at the Swan Resort on Saturday August 11 starting at 8 PM. Since Arizona Jeff has never been to a pin meet before, Mean Laureen has decided to drown him in pin events and you are invited to witness the dunking. What better way to end a day at EPCOT than to get together with friends and share stories and pins with each other. Of course if Arizona Jeff is involved, there must be an adventure. Well the pin meet is no exception. This is a themed meet where you must wear a pin that depicts adventure, or a piece of clothing that displays adventure, or just have an adventuring spirit. Fun and games will abound and should be fun for all. Please join us for an exciting end to a fun-filled day. Make your plans and mark your calendars to be there. Don’t let this adventure pass you by.